Friday, October 2, 2009


Yesterday evening, I received an email:

Dear Ms. Gaia,

"You applied for entry clearance to the United Kingdom under Tier 4 (General) Student of the Points Based System. Your application failed to meet the qualifying criteria and was refused on 00/00/ 2009. Your request for Administrative Review was received on 00/00/ 2009.

I have reviewed your application and I am pleased to confirm that you have met the qualifying criteria.

The ECO did not award you any points under this category. I have reviewed your application and I am satisfied that the ECO overlooked additional documents.

Your application therefore meets the requirements of the Immigration Rules and I am satisfied that you should be awarded points in this category. The decision is hereby, overturned."

Ummmm... hurrah! Classes start on Monday and there is no way I'm going to get a visa in time :P. I'm not mad, not even sad, in fact, I'm rather numb...

My sister got me this to cheer me up:

It worked :)

But, for other applicants out there still waiting for a decision, don't lose hope...


  1. congrats :) grad school this year then :)?

  2. thanks, but sadly, not this year. Classes start on Monday and Imperial doesn't grant extensions...

  3. Oh, so that e-mail informing you of the decision being overturned doesn't mean that you got the visa? Because if you did, I *think* you can start a week or two later than the normal schedule.

    In any case, I read a series of articles on DAWN, citing how the new visa system is in a mess and the huge backlog of applications, inefficient staff and blah blah. I think you have been a victim of that bloody system as well.

  4. Oh man! So much back and forth. Are you SURE you can't start grad school this year?

  5. I think Imperial doesn't require you to be there on the first day. Isn't there any way they can accomodate you? *I* am heartbroken about it!

  6. @Mishi... yep! Contacted the embassy but they can't do much at this point
    @Misspecs... they said I could join latest by the 10th but the visa system's a mess... :'( (inshalah next year!)