Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Ammi and Abbu celebrated their twenty-fourth wedding anniversary last week. Next year inshallah will be the big 25 but we decided to make this one special too since the whole family was finally together.

My mom met my dad for the first time on their wedding day. Luckily, my dad was a good guy and it turned out ok :) He said "hi" to her when they finally got to sit together but she didn't reply, being the nice, demure Pakistani bride of the eighties, even though they both came from "liberal" family backgrounds :p

My brother and I would save up each year and buy a gift for our parents. We'd plan ahead and get our grandparents to take us shopping because we wanted it to be a surprise and neither of us was old enough to drive. I'd make a card, get flowers and bake/buy a cake and we'd usually go out for an (extended) family dinner. Now, my sister makes the card and I end up paying since I'm technically "grown-up" :p

And this is their song... cheesy, yes, but we're like that :)


  1. aww bless... :) beautiful

    wonder if your dad was like oh bistee hogyee when she did not reply... lol ! xxx

  2. haha... i guess! but he's smiling in all the pics and my mom's looking pensive :p

  3. lol aww bless... well i oft wonder.. being married havin a whole bunch of weird peeps starin at u n meetin u.. mus b sooooooo intimidating!