Saturday, August 1, 2009

Applying for a UK Student Visa...

... is no easy task; especially, when you happen to have a Pakistani passport... After repeatedly calling 0900101411, I finally got an appointment to make my application and arrived at the Visa Application Center bright and early (8:30 am) for my 9:15 am appointment.

I went inside while my mom waited in the car. At the reception, they checked my documents and informed me that I needed an A4 size copy of my National ID card so I walked back out to get some money from my mom for the photocopy (I'd left my purse at home, independent woman that I am :p). She only had a 1000 rupee note so we asked a lady seated in the waiting area for change. I went back inside, obtained my token number (22) and met with a visa representative.

After looking through my documents, he informed me that I needed original copies of my O and A'Level certificates! Apparently a valid BSE degree is not proof enough... He said, he'd hold my place for an hour. So, I went back out again and asked my mom to drive me back home so I could find my O and A'Level certificates and rush back. After a (well-deserved) lecture in the car about being grown-up and responsible, my mom got me home and I rummaged around frantically searching for my certificates (from 7 and 5 years ago). Luckily, I found them in a file and my mom drove me back in record time so I could turn in my application just in time...

Sometimes, I feel like I'm still the 5 year old little girl being scolded by my mom for forgetting my lunch box at home... *sigh*

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