Saturday, January 10, 2009

Situation in Gaza- My 2 cents

People in Gaza are suffering; dying slow, painful deaths while the world watches in agonizing silence. Some 820 Gazans and 13 Israelis have reportedly died in 14 days of fighting. Do the numbers speak to you?

Blatantly violating international law, sovereignty and human rights, Israel continues its operation in Gaza despite calls for an immediate ceasefire. The US has always been quick to act in the name of "Peacemaking" (in Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq). Why the sudden change in attitude?

I wonder too why the wealthy Arab states with strong militaries and sufficient clout in the international political arena (thanks to owning over 60% of the world's oil) have failed to act while Afghanistan (one of the poorest regions in the world) was among the first to protest this outrage and offer aid. It seems that our collective conscience has died... The current attitude is "don't know, don't care, I'll make a contribution to aid the victims and sleep soundly." Even the media seems to be pandering to this need for oblivion by focusing on the mundane...   

My alma mater responded with a blank wall... it says much about the current mindset of the so-called educated elite.

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