Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quality Street

So I'm procrastinating at work... fie on me :P One of my co-workers just passed around a box of Quality Street :) He passed his driving test on the first attempt which is no mean feat in the UAE and now he's getting a VW! In Dubai they fail you on purpose especially if you're brown... people prefer taking the test in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi. Another random car law: you can't buy a car older than five years! This is ostensibly to "promote" the auto industry in the UAE... what about the not-s0-rich people? I won't say poor because people are generally pretty well-off.. still.  

I love Quality Street! I just realized how much I missed it in the US (along with Mars bars, real Cadbury and Galaxy...). Ridiculous how they don't have Mars in America! A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play... cheesy, but it works!


  1. they don't have mars in usa??? really !! that is new !!!

    kudos on the test passing thing.. i m aware of it being tough there... tho i think british is still the hardest.. or so i read somwhere!

  2. no mars in the USA... they don't know what they're missing! i used to get mine off amazon :)

  3. oh my.. really ???

    no mars no snickers no twix no maltesers nothing from that family?

  4. They have Snickers, Twix and Maltesers. Only Mars is missing! oh and Bounty too...

  5. darn... so you have the whole family but no mars.... weird ! and bounty too... how weird is that :( !!!