Thursday, May 10, 2012

What to Expect...

When You're Expecting... is the title of the very famous book for pregnant ladies. I've skimmed through it a few times but after reading about "what to expect", I'd start experiencing all the symptoms that expecting moms were supposed to have, backaches, leg-cramps, hormonal episodes :-P

Baby's doesn't seem to want to make an appearance any time soon. Guess it's too comfy in there! Mr. F accompanied me to the last doctor's appointment. She told us she encourages C-sections because apparently it saves babies the trauma of natural delivery and helps them get into Grammar School. Mr. F was incensed but luckily, his humor kicked in... we had a good laugh in the car!

I've been eating panjeeri and food laden with ghee but all it does is put me to sleep... Secretly ordered pizza today :-P


  1. What's that about Grammar School?

    They don't accept naturally born kids? Impossible!

    And panjeeri is yummy! :):).

  2. Baby must have come...CONGRATULATIONS!!

  3. Hope you and the lil one are doing well!!
    - falsa

  4. where are you/ update us lady.