Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Update

Work's a little slow today... Boss is on leave so I'm basically just finishing up leftover tasks. Inshallah planning to take off at the end of the month and rest at home until baby arrives.

So the printer is situated right behind my cubicle and people keep stopping by to pick up their printouts... It's pretty annoying and I'm not getting any time to blog or check out other blogs :-P

Weekends have been really busy! Went to French Beach last Sunday but it wasn't too pleasant... It was hot, the company was meh and the 2 hour car ride to the beach and back was a killer! Plus, we don't really have decent bathrooms anywhere... I know this country has bigger problems, but if I were in charge of urban infrastructure and planning, I'd make sure there was a rest stop at least every half hour... I'm dreading what it'll be like once baby's here... where am I supposed to change diapers and such?? What do other moms do? Or do they basically not leave their homes until baby's well on the way to potty-training?

I decided to defer Yale for a year... I figured if I try to juggle grad school and a newborn, I probably won't enjoy the experience anyway and I think I'm ready to take some time off and travel and just enjoy life for a while. The past four years have been pretty intense and I haven't taken more than 2 weeks off at a time.

I'm excited, a little apprehensive and a little... wistful? I just hope and pray everything goes smoothly Inshalah...

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  1. They learn to change diapers in moving vehicles, bathroom counters, even bathroom floors (if possible).

    They learn as they grow :) [both mama and baby!]