Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Working Mom?

Alhamdulilah, I've been blessed with good health and an uncomplicated pregnancy, allowing me to continue to work full-time well into my 8th month and Inshalah, I plan to continue working up until a couple of weeks before the due date.

It was the same when I was getting married; I was in office up until the day before my Mayoun and I think it helped me stay sane, having an outlet where I could be productively employed, away from the spats that inevitably crop up when relatives and extended family from all over the world get together for a few days in the hot and humid month of July!

At the same time if I'm honest, I do feel that I missed out on the excitement and pampering that the traditional bride gets at home; the poignant moments before one leaves the parents' home for the new home and new life with the husband. It was such a whirlwind week that I barely remember anything and everything I do recall was more from the perspective of a detached observer than that of the bride...

I don't want to do this with baby... I want to (Inshalah) enjoy each and every moment and spend as much time as possible, watching him or her grow up and be there when it needs me. At the same time, I don't want to give up everything I've worked so hard for, not to mention the freedom, the financial independence, the excitement of meeting interesting people and working on meaningful projects, the lunches and dinners with my colleagues, the mini-celebrations when we achieve a mutual target, the office birthdays, the monthly paycheck and perks and mostly just being able to get up, get ready and go to work...

I'm trying to be flexible and see how I feel about going back to work full-time... Let's see!


  1. Gaia means godess of earth in ancient Greek !

  2. Yes :) I actually got it from Mother Earth in Captain Planet!