Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I grew up reading these in Dawn:

I was Zoe, my brother was Hammie and much later, we had little sis :)

Yesterday, I had a mini pecanbon from Cinnabon in Dolmen Mall... Not sure if it was worth the Rs. 230 that I paid for it but at least I can tell my colleagues, "Oh, I had Cinnabon, you guys should try it!" :-P

Otherwise, not too much going on these days... Sadly, 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal falls on a Saturday this year, so, another chutti, lost :'(

I'm making a presentation on the Future Energy Mix of Pakistan to overcome the current power crisis... any ideas?


  1. solar, wind and tidal energy shud be utilised.. atleast there wudnt be issues with the use of that or the installation of pipeline...

  2. Adding to Glow's pointers
    - Making everything energy efficient, especially buildings. Too much energy is wasted due to inefficient architecture.
    - Run an awareness campaign via media. Show public how most of the people in rural areas live. Most people think natural resource means unlimited availability.
    - Use of Nuclear Power plant as being successfully done in most western European countries.