Sunday, October 16, 2011

Euro Trip Part I

I left for Dusseldorf on 30th September and daddy dearest dropped me off at the airport... Packing was quite a hassle since there was no electricity and I had to use my cell phone torch to locate items and fold my clothes :-p


My legs are aching and I'm really tired but Alhamdulilah, the trip was fantastic. Abbu dear, thanks for the best present EVER! Felt like a princess in business class though a little intimidated by all the suited-up business men :p. Flight was on time and I made it to Dubai, Terminal 4 in good time. It was super busy though because a lot of connecting flights leave around the same time and the place was packed with Desis. I couldn't even use the bathroom because of the long waiting lines! I watched Monte Carlo, The Trip and Something Borrowed and ate 2 breakfasts and a lunch. Emirates food is ok... (Etihad is much better!)

Mr. F was there at the airport waiting for me... he was wearing a violet shirt with a bright green hoodie and yellow shoes.. I almost didn't recognize him! We took the train from Dusseldorf to Cologne and checked into our hotel City Hotel Europa which is decent although the room itself is tiny!

Since it was early evening, we walked around and then took the train to Frechen for dinner where I had pizza and Mr. F had donor kabab. We had breakfast at the hotel where I loaded up on baked beans and granola. Around 11 am, our former German boss, Dr. H came over and brought his son Oliver and girlfriend-in-law Clarissa and they showed us around Old Cologne and took us out for lunch... we went to see the Colonium and went inside the Dom cathedral which is the main monument of Cologne, then we walked and walked and walked. Had grilled salmon with lemon sauce fresh from the River Rhine... yummy! In the afternoon, Dr. H took us to see the mines and power plant... also passed a wind farm and some sheep and horse farms. Now we're back at the hotel, totally drained with no energy! Tomorrow there's a marathon, so Cologne is packed with tourists. Weather's been gorgeous so far... nice and sunny with just the right amount of chill... more tomorrow!


  1. sounds really nice! glad you were able to go and enjoy reading about it :)

  2. wow sounds like fun fun fun :D keep us posted ;)