Monday, March 14, 2011

Life Update

The weekend was a blur. Ali, our household help has gone to his village for vacation and Gaia is the new cook, cleaner and housekeeper :-P

They say "it never rains, it pours" I'd like to add, it never leaks, it floods! On Saturday, we had a dinner party at our house and the kitchen flooded... gross green liquid oozed out of the drain and covered my (usually gleaming) kitchen floor. It didn't stop there... While I tried to staunch the flow with towels and newspaper, the water proceeded to travel to the dining room/lounge area. Finally, I put on my yellow rubber gloves and unclogged the mess from the gutter (gag!).

Mr. F was a darling and did most of the cooking :). We made pesto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes (I'd read online that we could put the tray of tomatoes in the car and they would dry out faster and it totally worked!), moneybags tied with blanched green onions, rosemary steaks, potatoes gratin, bruschetta and salad. I made tiramisu and it was quite lovely if I do say so myself :)

We played Taboo and it brought back Pton memories...

On Sunday, I went to the Wardha Saleem Lawn Exhibition. For the uninitiated, this is the latest fad where designers display lawn prints before making them available in the shops. I ended up buying two suits just because everyone else was doing it :-p Guess their marketing strategy works...

I'm back at work and I can barely keep my eyes open... and this is after a cup of coffee and a cup of tea.

I also got rejections from two grad schools :-"(

Hopefully, God has something better for me... but I am a teeny bit sad.


  1. Which ones did you apply for??

    PS: Did you ever think about trying for Fulbright? (they apply on your behalf, so it kinda takes away the hassle) .. you can apply now if you want (May 18th is the last date) so you have time.

  2. I'm not eligible for Fulbright because I already studied in the US for undergrad. I need to spend 5 years in Pakistan before I can reapply...

  3. U just got married and planning to leave ur husband alone while u study. Have u thought about it thoroughly? just a hint, long lonely nights and young hormones doesn't go well together. (presuming ur hubby is sexually healthy n young.)

  4. Lmao @ Gaia (sounds cow in some indian language)