Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedding Crashers

The Palm is a popular venue for wedding-related events in Karachi. Since it's walking distance from our house, Mr. F and I decided to walk to our mutual colleague's valima rather than taking the car. I was wearing a bright green and gold zari sari with high heels. Mr. F was dandy in a white shalwar kameez.

The road was riddled with potholes but we managed to make it to the venue without getting splashed. Mr. F and I walked into the main hall only to be taken to separate sections. The even was gender-segregated so I found myself in an area full of aunties. I kissed the groom's mom, smiled at the sister and seated myself at one of the tables towards the stage. Since I didn't know anyone, I decided to call a friend in another timezone to occupy my time.

Five minutes later, I get a text from Mr. F: "Gaia, I think we're at the wrong function, meet me at the entrance"....


Meanwhile, Mr. F had spotted another colleague, Gul, at the entrance of the adjacent hall. We decided to follow him inside until Mr. F realized that the groom was wearing glasses and had a beard... wrong groom!

We finally made it to the correct venue where our friends were gathered... *thankful sigh* my heels were killing me :'(

The caramel crunch ice cream made it all worthwhile :-)


  1. LOL! I might've waited to see if the food was better at the stranger's wedding.

  2. loooool wrong groom what a joke ....

  3. @ Anas, I'm thinking next time I don't feel like cooking, we'll just crash one of these weddings for dinner... :-p

  4. Hahahahah :)
    That's too funny! Wrong groom :D:D

    Lol. Btw, that's a cool idea...

  5. "I kissed the groom's mom, smiled at the sister and seated myself..."

    How did you even know who was who!