Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 2

Spent the whole day in Abu Dhabi visiting my Masdar colleagues and enjoying the city I called home for 9 months :). So, Masdar City is finally ready and people will actually be living there starting July 2010.

Spent the afternoon at Marina Mall, splurged on ceramic flower pots at IKEA and hand-carried them all the way to Karachi :P. And I got really sweet ice-trays (a pink one for my sister and a green one for my brother) so they'll remember me each time they put ice cubes in their drinks. Also went to Madinat Zayed for old times' sake and bought perfume for daddy and Mr. F.

We dined at a Vietnamese restaurant (sweet potato pancakes and glass noodles with peanut sauce) and headed back to the villa to chat.

I realized that the date palms lining the roads in Abu Dhabi had grown since I'd been away... time flies!

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