Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday at French Beach

What do Karachiites do on a sunny, wintry Sunday? They go to the beach :). The road to Hawkesbay is awful but we finally made it after much jolting and knocking about in the car. The scenery is pretty drab... All you see are freight containers, massive trucks and seedy khokhas (I think I'm spoiled after Abu Dhabi's pristine Corniche).

We had a barbecue lunch and went in for a quick dip, got wet, dried off and headed home. Fun :)

Sometimes though, I miss my "alone" time. Between work and family, I'm always surrounded by people (alhamdulilah) but I miss cooking and doing laundry and shopping for groceries. I also miss having showarma and mint lemonade at Special and my weekly Baskin Robbins sundae...

Oh, and I'm supposed to take my colleagues out to dinner with my first salary (it's a company tradition)... :0. I'm making 1/15th of what I was getting in AD it's probably going to cost more than my entire paycheck :S.

Ana ghareebah jiddan...


  1. yeah well =P you are also living in pakistan... which is 1/22 times cheaper than UAE. ALSO. you have ZERO bills to pay since you are probably living with your parents. so stop complaining kid.
    and if you are really broke, ask your dad for an interest free loan ;) i wish i had that option :D lol.

  2. aah the joys of being in pakistan... and the forced treats!!!

  3. @hemmie... LOL! yeah, poor dad's giving me an advance for my bakra too :p
    @Sami... joy :p